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This online portal will allow you to access all course resources including in-depth step by step modules, printable supporting handouts and HD practical demonstrations that can be viewed as many times as needed. Complete your online qualification from the comfort of your own home on either a desktop or mobile device at your own pace. Once enrolled, you will be allocated one of our dedicated assessors to be on hand should you need. Re-visit your course modules as many times as you need before completing your end of course multiple choice test, you will be allocated 3 attempts to pass this, but don't worry your assessor will be in contact with you should you need additional learning support. Once all sections of the course have been completed you will then be ready to start your practical! You will be required to complete 2 case studies in order for you qualification to be signed off and your certificate issued to you. Once complete, your certificate will then be emailed to you by your assessor.

Course Checklist

  • Suitable for beginners

  • Fully accredited and recognised by industry insurers

  • Complete on either a mobile or desktop device

  • Allocated Assessor

  • On-going support

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  • Can I complete this course if I don't have any Beauty experience?

    Yes - this course is suitable for beginners

  • Can I gain insurance once I have completed this course?

    Yes - this course is suitable for beginners

  • I don't have any equipment to do my treatment, what do I do?

    Within the course content you will be provided with an equipment list with all the items you will need in order to complete your treatment, you can also contact your allocated assessor if you would like advice on where to purchase your equipment from and what brands we recommend.

  • What happens if I fail my end of module test?

    You will be allocated 3 attempts to resit your test, if you require additional learning support your allocated assessor will be on hand and another attempt can be added.

  • How do I submit my case studies once I have completed these?